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How to Enable dark mode on your Huawei and Honor phone

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Not only can the dark system background be more beneficial to the operating time, but it is also more eye-friendly, so you should try it out on your Huawei.

Some Huawei models have a range of factory-dashed controls that lighten up completely to the settings, notification bar, and some system surfaces. The feature offers more features for Android 10 and EMUI 10.

Which Huawei phones are available?

This feature was previously only available on smartphones made with OLED display technology, and will only be available on models with IPS and LTPS display after the EMUI 10 upgrade. For OLED display devices, operating time may also be beneficial as the display requires less power to operate on a black background. For IPS, LCD, LTPS displays, the function is primarily aesthetic.

Some devices are examples where the dark mode is available regardless of the system version

P30 Pro
Mate 20 Pro
Mate 10 Pro
P20 Pro
Some devices are examples of where the dark mode is available with EMUI 10 updates

Mate 20
Nova 5T
P30 Lite
Mate 20 Lite
P Smart 2019
Enable dark mode for EMUI 10
Only for devices already running EMUI 10 or higher!

Settings – Display and Brightness – Dark Mode

There is no extra setting for this feature, it can only be turned on and off.

Interface blackout for EMUI 9.1 or earlier
For supported Huawei smartphones, you should find this in the Settings – Battery menu. Here you have to select and turn on the option Darken front panel colors to activate the dark scheme in one second.

Once activated, the surface of the setting will change from light to dark and the background of the notification bar’s quick switches will turn black. Some system applications also switch over, such as HiCare, Dialer, Clock, Calendar, Files, Notepad, or Huawei AppGallery.

How do I darken the background of my phone if it is not supported by EMUI?
Owners of IPS and LTPS display devices running systems older than EMUI 10, as I wrote, do not get this factory setting, but they still have some hope. This is not a well-developed and workable solution, but it is possible to darken the system with a theme. In the Themes application of your phone, you can download several themes that will switch the device to dark, though it may not transform all the interfaces involved, it is more than anything.


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How to Enable dark mode on your Huawei and Honor phone

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